The Crystal Residency L Zone Dwarka Floor Plan

The Crystal residency will nurture a global standard in the lifestyle of residents, and will provide 2/3/4 BHK homes covering 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 or 2150 square feet of area. The project displays smart and efficient utilization of space, along with an uninterrupted supply of power and water.

Kamp developers offer highly smart  The crystal residency L Zone floor plan where all the 2/3/4 BHKs have been crafted with tremendous space utilization.

1- Crystal Residency-2BHK(1000 sq. ft.),

2- Crystal Residency-2BHK+SQ(1250 sq. ft.)

3- Crystal Residency-3BHK+S(1500 sq. ft.)

4- Crystal Residency-3BHK+S(1750 sq. ft.)

5- Crystal Residency-4BHK+SQ(2150 sq. ft.)

Kamp The Crystal Residency- 2 BHK
Crystal Residency -2BHK(1000 sq. ft.)








The Crystal Residency 2 BHK Study
2- Crystal Residency-2BHK+S(1250 sq. ft.)









The Crystal Residency 3 BHK
Crystal Residency-3BHK(1500 sq. ft.)








The Crystal Residency 3 BHK Study
Crystal Residency-3BHK+S(1750 sq. ft.)









The Crystal Residency 4 BHK Servent Quarter
Crystal Residency-4BHK+S(2150 sq. ft.)








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